Build a Cloud:  We’ve all seen nice puffy white clouds, but we’ve also seen dark, ominous looking clouds as well.  What kind of experience will you have in implementing a cloud environment?  Many experienced information technology professionals shake their heads at some of the marketing surrounding Cloud Computing.  Premier’s approach is to move beyond the hype, analyze business and mission requirements, and implement a solution that is right for you. 

Advancements in virtualization technologies, converged infrastructure, and automation tools have made it easier than ever to move from stove-piped, manual methods of IT deployment and management to automated cloud systems.  Premier teams with Hewlett-Packard (HP) for Cloud assessments and technologies.  Award winning technologies developed by HP reduce power and cooling costs, implement clouds across physical and virtual environments, and automate provisioning and deployment.  Contact Premier today to develop a cloud solution, or to implement supporting infrastructures that will put you on the road to a cloud environement.

Buy Cloud Services:  Premier Systems works with organizations to determine requirements for cloud services.  Whether your requirements are for single or multiple applications, and whether it is a full time, temporary, or a peak period requirement – Premier can help.  We partner with several of the largest cloud services providers and can quote cost-effective and comprehensive solutions.  And to start, we will complete an assessment of your environment and applications to determine cloud integration feasibility.