Developments in HP’s 3Par Storage line are revolutionizing the industry.  3PAR offers the marketTier 1 storage at affordable price points to meet small to very large storage requirements  – a solution that 8 of the top 10 Service Providers use for their primary storage.  3PAR is automated to significantly reduce management time.  3PAR is flexible to grow as your needs grow – no rip and replace required!  3PAR is efficient – so efficient that HP guarantees a 50% savings in disk capacity requirements!

HP calls it “Converged Storage”.  Gartner calls it “completeness of vision”.  Learning more about this offering from HP and Premier may be one of the best things you do for your IT organization.  Premier Solutions Architects work, in-depth, with HP storage from MSA to EVA to XP – and now 3Par.  Contact one of these professionals today and get the details!

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